Balance and Composure – The Things We Think We’re Missing

written by: Mitch Keiffer on September 24, 2013

Balance and Composure is a name that’s becoming increasingly popular in the exponentially growing post-hardcore scene. Its short, but highly renowned, career began only two years ago when its debut LP Separation attracted attention from both critics and fans, allowing the band to continuously tour since its release and eventually sell out headlining shows in major […]

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Touché Amoré – Is Survived By

written by: Mitch Keiffer on September 17, 2013

Post-hardcore powerhouse Touché Amoré is at the forefront of the screamo revival with its third studio LP, Is Survived By, one of the most anticipated post-hardcore releases of the year. The influential quintet has high expectations to live up to with this release, but quickly proves that the buzz surrounding Is Survived By is well deserved. The band […]

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Arctic Monkeys – AM

written by: Mitch Keiffer on September 12, 2013

Arctic Monkeys: a name that needs no introduction. Its first album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, became the fastest-selling debut in the history of the UK charts. Arctic Monkeys has since had an impeccable career of immense success and fame, becoming one of England’s most well-known modern rock artists worldwide. Now, with […]

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Neko Case – The Worse Things Get…

written by: Mitch Keiffer on September 10, 2013

Neko Case, who has led a fulfilling solo career since the mid-’90s and is a member of Canadian indie rock group The New Pornographers, presents us with some soulful new material, which blends her passionate voice with a handful of different genres to create the unique sound listeners have come to expect. The long-winded title […]

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Jonathan Rado – Law & Order

written by: Mitch Keiffer on September 3, 2013

Foxygen co-leader Jonathan Rado has taken some time to record his debut solo LP Law & Order, which hits stores Sept. 3. He stays true to his roots as the keyboardist and guitarist for his main project with Sam France, dishing out a beautiful, minimalistic psychedelic rock record. The album has all the features fans of […]

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The Love Language – Ruby Red

written by: Mitch Keiffer on August 27, 2013

The Love Language is at it again with it’s third LP Ruby Red, and this time with a lot more ’80s pop-rock flair. The band seems to have taken on a whole new direction compared to its previous works, jumping straight out of your mom’s dusty Walkman she’s kept since the iconic era of music. […]

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Statuette and Missive – Split EP

written by: Mitch Keiffer on August 14, 2013

Austin, Texas native Statuette has teamed up with the Sacramento, Calif. group Missive to release a split EP, available for free on Missive’s Bandcamp. Warning: There is a severe risk of head-banging one’s brains out through the entire five-song release. But while the EP packs a punch, it also falls a bit short in terms […]

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T. Hardy Morris – Audition Tapes

written by: Mitch Keiffer on August 7, 2013

Thomas Hardy Morris has finally released his solo debut, Audition Tapes, after 16 years of being the frontman for Dead Confederate and member of the supergroup Diamond Rugs. The album, which hit stores July 30, strays from the gritty psychedelic rock that Morris is known for, showing off an entirely new aspect of his abilities as […]

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The Speed of Sound in Seawater – First Contact

written by: Mitch Keiffer on August 3, 2013

The Speed of Sound in Seawater, an independent math rock band from Elk Grove, Calif., plans to release its cleverly-titled debut LP First Contact on August 9. With four stellar EPs under its belt, the band had a lot to live up to when it finally set out to record its debut full-length—and by God, did […]

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Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – White Teeth, Black Thoughts

written by: Mitch Keiffer on July 25, 2013

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, veteran leaders of the Neo-Swing movement, are back with their sixth studio album White Teeth, Black Thoughts, their most mature and polished release to date. The band, consisting of eight current members, has gone through countless changes in both style and line-up, but has finally established itself once again as a talented […]

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A Great Big Pile of Leaves – You’re Always On My Mind

written by: Mitch Keiffer on July 9, 2013

What is more enthralling, more uplifting, more fun than a great big pile of leaves? That’s right: nothing. Same goes for the amusing band by the same name that continually releases some of the most original, enrapturing music to ever grace the indie rock scene. With a name as nostalgic and youthful as its music, A […]

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Perhapst – Revise Your Maps

written by: Mitch Keiffer on July 3, 2013

John Moen is back with more great music, this time as the lead singer and songwriter for his folk-rock solo project Perhapst. Primarily known as the drummer and a backup singer for The Decemberists, Moen is no newbie to the music scene, and with Revise Your Maps, his second release under the Perhapst moniker, he’s […]

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