Japanther – Instant Money Magic

written by: Mitch Keiffer on April 3, 2014

Brooklyn noise rock duo Japanther stays true to its garbled roots on its new album Instant Money Magic. The band has dug itself a well-defined hole by sticking to the same method of playing exceedingly fast with an excessive amount of feedback, obscuring any chance of understanding the messy, two-minute songs. Japanther has a certain […]

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Future Islands – Singles

written by: Mitch Keiffer on March 24, 2014

Despite its name, Future Islands is very much a thing of the past. The Baltimore trio borrows everything from the iconic ’80s synth-pop era and adds a modern twist, namely in the form of singer Samuel T. Herring’s husky, ardent vocals. Musically, the group is a replica of the somewhat hackneyed scene, but Herring pushes […]

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Manchester Orchestra – Cope

written by: Mitch Keiffer on March 21, 2014

Manchester Orchestra has been at the top of its game since day one. Consistently powerful and bold, while still showing the occasional soft side, the veteran five-piece has picked up a cult following thanks to its relentless energy and inventive songwriting. For its fourth studio album, the band set out with one goal in mind: […]

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La Dispute – Rooms of the House

written by: Mitch Keiffer on March 12, 2014

La Dispute has embarked on a new artistic venture, this time stepping back from the broad subject matter of 2011’s Wildlife and focusing on aspects of everyday life. The Grand Rapids, Mich. five-piece is known for the stories it tells, the raw emotion it employs, and the groundbreaking musicality that always accompanies its poetic singer […]

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The Men – Tomorrow’s Hits

written by: Mitch Keiffer on March 5, 2014

The Men have come a long way since their noise-rock debut in 2010. Dropping some of the disorderly shenanigans and intense distortion of its first two albums helped the five-piece gain some popularity with its third release, Open Your Heart, and since then the group has become increasingly inspired by folk, country, and surf rock. The […]

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The Coathangers – Suck My Shirt

written by: Mitch Keiffer on March 2, 2014

Much like a forgotten bowl of cereal or a patch of land when it rains, many music genres get over-saturated to the point of producing stereotypical, soggy muck in due time. Such is the case with most of the emerging garage rock these days, which not only comes across as boring, but just plain bad. […]

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Neneh Cherry – Blank Project

written by: Mitch Keiffer on February 20, 2014

Veteran singer-songwriter and rapper Neneh Cherry is back with Blank Project, her first solo album in 18 years. Unfortunately, it was mixed and recorded in five days, which is blatantly obvious upon listening. But even with more time, the ideas fueling Blank Project would have ended in disappointment. Cherry’s most recent effort is a step away […]

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Krill – Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts into Tears

written by: Mitch Keiffer on February 12, 2014

Who knew an EP featuring both a life-threatening existential crisis and poop-based metaphors could be so good? Experimental three-piece Krill set out to write a concept EP using the characters Steve and Mouth, both of whom are taken from Exploding In Sound labelmate Pile’s song “Steve’s Mouth.” In the story, Steve wants to create something […]

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Temples – Sun Structures

written by: Mitch Keiffer on February 6, 2014

Temples couldn’t have picked a better time to release its debut LP, Sun Structures. While it shares elements of beloved modern psychedelic rock bands like Tame Impala and MGMT, it also draws enormous influence from The Beatles, who are bound to be in the forefront of music fan’s minds worldwide as we come up on the […]

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Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All

written by: Mitch Keiffer on January 29, 2014

Genres of music are cyclical. In some cases this is merely annoying—see the resurgence of worn out ,’80s-influenced electropop—but in others, it’s a blessing. Modern Baseball’s You’re Gonna Miss It All is a throwback to the emo era that sounds neither tired nor forced. Reviving the emo scene of past decades and adding modern indie-pop elements is […]

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Wild Cub – Youth

written by: Mitch Keiffer on January 23, 2014

It’s always unfortunate when a band has skill, but is unable to reach its full potential due to lack of press. For most, this leads to a short-lived career with little success, but in the case of the Nashville indie electro-pop group Wild Cub, they’re getting a second chance. Although the band received some attention following […]

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You Blew It! – Keep Doing What You’re Doing

written by: Mitch Keiffer on January 15, 2014

Although “emo” has been something of a dirty word in recent years, don’t let it deter you from checking out one of the best bands in the incredible emo-revival scene that’s currently at an all-time high. We’re not talking of the ultra-whiney music that comes to mind with the word “emo”—no one wants to revive […]

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