Bling Ring.

Put a Bling Ring on It

written by: Leah Pickett on July 1, 2013

Even when Sofia Coppola’s latest film feels cheap and lackluster, the music still shines.

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Leonardo DiCaprio in director Baz Luhrmann's take on "The Great Gatsby"
Warm Bodies (dir. Jonathan Levine, 2013)

Zombies, Oh My!

written by: Leah Pickett on February 6, 2013

The soundtrack to “Warm Bodies” is indie with bite.

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Lincoln- Daniel Day Lewis

Abe of Glory

written by: Leah Pickett on November 14, 2012

Spielberg’s Lincoln is far less sappy than one might imagine.

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Ben Affleck's Beard

Get Lost In Argo

written by: Leah Pickett on October 17, 2012

The soundtrack to Ben Affleck’s latest film is unexpectedly hypnotic.

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Liberal Arts

The Perks of Being a ’90s Kid

written by: Leah Pickett on September 10, 2012

Just as the pangs of adolescence can be brutal and tender in almost the same breath, the soundtrack to Perks is an awkwardly beautiful representation of Generation Y.

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Joaquin Phoenix in "The Master"

A Masterful Delirium

written by: Leah Pickett on August 21, 2012

Thanks to a brilliantly sinister score by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, “The Master” is Paul Thomas Anderson’s most unsettling film to date.

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