Twin Shadow - Confess album cover

Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds”

written by: John Taylor on May 8, 2012

Five Seconds Suit up with your best bomber jacket and allow the haze of Brooklyn cool to wash over you–there’s a new Twin Shadow album coming out this summer. “Five Seconds”, the first offering from Confess (dropping in July via 4AD Records), is a lean and unusually stadium-ready banger of a track. “Five Seconds” is the distillation […]

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Artwork for Orca Orca - Make Live "Say So"

Orca Orca – “Say So”

written by: John Taylor on April 29, 2012

Orca Orca – Say So All you have to do is “Say So”, and Jim Hewitt will mail you a hand-painted copy of his music on cassette. (Well, that and fork over $4, but everyone’s gotta eat, right?) Make Live, Hewitt’s first offering as newly minted bedroom project Orca Orca, is a collection of tunes […]

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Jonathan Boulet - This Song Is Called Ragged album cover

Jonathan Boulet – “This Song Is Called Ragged”

written by: John Taylor on April 26, 2012

This Song Is Called Ragged Jonathan Boulet must know that it’s a Thursday, because “This Song Is Called Ragged” is a much-needed splash of cold water to the face. Boulet’s approach to songwriting, song-titles and well, everything else, is refreshingly simple. On his Facebook page, he giddily describes himself as “a 23-year-old Australian” and the […]

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Blackbird Blackbird - Waikiki album cover

Blackbird Blackbird – “Waikiki”

written by: John Taylor on April 25, 2012

Waikiki Today’s impossibly-spelled track comes to us from San Francisco, and it’s the kind of ditty that makes you want to name a genre after it. “Waikiki” is what might happen if one mixed together three minutes of Vampire Weekend, a shot of rum, a shot of coconut rum, two tablespoons of grenadine, a healthy splash […]

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Joey Badass - Waves album cover

Joey Bada$$ – “Waves”

written by: John Taylor on April 24, 2012

Waves Kids these days. What are parents feeding them? 17-year-old Brooklyn rapper Joey Badass (stylized “Bada$$”) boasts a range and sense of lyricism far beyond his years. Against a backdrop of cognac smooth keys and fingerpicked guitar, Joey Bada$$ spits bars that illustrate his daily hustle as a teenage emcee. Setting Joey Bada$$ apart from […]

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Emily Wells - Mama album cover

Emily Wells – “Passenger”

written by: John Taylor on April 23, 2012

Passenger There’s something about Texas that is responsible for curating unspeakable talent–and encouraging said talent to move thousands of miles up north. Like Annie Clark (St. Vincent) before her, Emily Wells spent her childhood in the Lone Star state, where she played violin as a four year-old child prodigy. “Passenger”, the lead single from Wells’ […]

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Mister Lies - Hidden Neighbors album cover

Mister Lies – “Cleam”

written by: John Taylor on April 20, 2012

Cleam At only 19, Chicago’s Nick Zanca, also known as Mister Lies, crafts the kind of understated, minimalistic beats that crawl under your skin and wiggle deep into your brain. “Cleam,” a highlight from Mister Lies’ self-released Higher Thoughts EP, centers around an eerie, heavily down-pitched refrain of the line “Make a move.” The meditative […]

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