Ray LaMontagne at the Chicago Theatre on Nov. 30, 2012

written by: Jason Radford on December 3, 2012

LaMontagne, introduced as “one of the best singer-songwriters in the world,” took to the Chicago Theatre stage to support the double-threat credibility the singer had earned thus far in his career, and roused a full house to their feet at the sound of his melting voice.

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Q&A: Lightscape Producer F. Philip Barash

written by: Jason Radford on November 19, 2012

A soundtrack to the shuffle. It’s a novel idea, that is, listening to music while strolling city sidewalks, that many subscribe to via MP3. Then there’s the more communal approach heard on Chicago’s State Street. Lightscape, the illuminated, singing staffs along the street, offers everyone the chance to toddle through Chicago while backed by a […]

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Benjamin Gibbard at The Athenaeum Theatre on Nov. 2, 2012

written by: Jason Radford on November 4, 2012

With an intimate setting such as the scene set at the Anthenaeum, Gibbard may have expected his crowd to behave more accordingly, but given the mid-sized, full Lakeview 20-something crowd, some of the sheath was punctured between bouts of buzz-induced banter between shouters and the performer.

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Nostalgic for Vintage Maroon 5

written by: Jason Radford on July 25, 2012

Songs About Jane was 2004’s album to be loved and shared and sung to ravenously. It was Maroon 5 before singer Adam Levine stamped his name after “ft.” on song after song. It was the thrill of “Harder To Breathe,”  “She Will Be Loved” and the infectious “This Love.” It was a little known band […]

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Young Man at Lincoln Hall on June 26, 2012

written by: Jason Radford on June 28, 2012

There were no special tricks in their June 26th show at Lincoln Hall—no covers, few spits of dialogue and very little motion on stage—and at times, when the show lagged, it wouldn’t have hurt to see some spice.

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