Anna von Hausswolff – Ceremony

written by: Holden Rasmussen on July 16, 2013

Scandinavia—a mystical land where beautiful people have an extremely high standard of living, obtain quality education, and create beautiful music. The region that seems to surpass the rest of the world in everything that counts. Why is this true? We’ll probably never know, but every artist that comes out of Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) […]

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Editors – The Weight Of Your Love

written by: Holden Rasmussen on July 8, 2013

Summer is a time filled with new music marketed to keep the summer party going on; it’s all about keeping the good times rolling with your friends under the sun. Every party has a crasher, though. While many artists releasing albums in the summer harness people’s need for a power jam, Editors have to be […]

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Rose Windows – The Sun Dogs

written by: Holden Rasmussen on July 1, 2013

In today’s market, it’s often difficult to find something original. So many artists claim the same label and attempt to dub themselves as an original, while in reality the innovation may be wasted on the average listener who is bombarded daily by songs and sounds that eventually become a dirty puddle reflecting the same basic […]

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Mount Kimbie – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

written by: Holden Rasmussen on June 10, 2013

The English have always known how to rock the house. British punk and alt-rock has led the way for innovative techniques and genres to form over the course of the last 30 years or so, but across the channel, European music developed a slightly different style. Club, dance, house, and electro have long dominated the […]

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The National – Trouble Will Find Me

written by: Holden Rasmussen on May 29, 2013

After a 14-year career, you’d think The National would be feeling pretty secure by now. The success of its tour for High Violet should have launched the group into the stratosphere of success and bloated the ego just a smidgen. Yet, The National couldn’t even give in to the mainstream world’s cult of fame. Trouble Will Find Me, released […]

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Audiences and Apollo House – Split EP

written by: Holden Rasmussen on May 16, 2013

Columbia College Chicago’s very own record label, AEMMP Records, released Audiences and Apollo House, a split EP by two bands well known in their root-city, Chicago. Obviously, the affair has stirred excitement among the music-loving community in the Windy City. Audiences and Apollo House don’t disappoint, especially in the opening track, “Missouri.” The vocals are […]

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito

written by: Holden Rasmussen on May 5, 2013

This year in music has been one of change. Artists are branching out and trying something different. Some experience success in experimentation, and others flounder. After three years, the indie community’s favorite art-pop trio has brought forth its third studio album, Mosquito. Yeah Yeah Yeahs has become known for its minimalistic, poetic verses coupled with […]

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American Wolf – Myriad

written by: Holden Rasmussen on April 20, 2013

American Wolf can best be described as an experimental ambient electronic indie dream rock group. This title reflects the confusingly diverse array of sounds the five members create and call music. Myriad may be so titled because it brings a myriad of thoughts and feelings to the listener. American Wolf has been described as “intellectual,” which […]

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Watsky – Cardboard Castles

written by: Holden Rasmussen on March 24, 2013

Spoken word is perhaps the most human medium of expression. Everyone has story to tell, a message to share, or an idea to explain. In Cardboard Castles, George Watsky demonstrates his perfection of the art of the  spoken word and his ability to pontificate to society through the art as old as culture; storytelling. He cuts […]

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Rhye – Woman

written by: Holden Rasmussen on March 17, 2013

Woman is a poetic opus that exemplefies the desire of the soul for love and the lover.

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Foals – Holy Fire

written by: Holden Rasmussen on February 19, 2013

Holy Fire is nothing like anything we’ve seen from Foals so far.

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