[Giveaway] RZA’s The Iron Fists Tour at Double Door in Chicago on October 13

written by: Francis Bea on October 11, 2012

RZA isn’t just a Grammy winning producer. He’s dipping his toes into his latest project, supported by Quentin Tarintino with RZA’s movie, “The Man with the Iron Fists.” As the writer, director and actor in his movie, he’s got Russel Crowe and Lucy Liu as the leading cast members and as knowing that Quentin Tarantino […]

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Pop ‘stache is Groovebug’s first publishing partner

written by: Francis Bea on September 14, 2012

Pop ‘stache is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Groovebug. Pop ‘stache’s editorials and curated music from emerging musicians is the first to be showcased on Groovebug’s new “Featured Blog” integration and will enhance Groovebug’s user experience by adding a new editorially curated channel for discovering and reading about music. Groovebug already acts as […]

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[Giveaway] EMI invades Olympics host, Britain

written by: Francis Bea on August 21, 2012

With the Olympics over and the Special Olympics in full gear, nothing is better than to celebrate this year’s hosts with Britain’s contemporary claim to fame: British fashion, and more importantly its music. To get you more acquainted with the homeland of the various immortalized British artists that inspired generations throughout the world, EMI has […]

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[Giveaway] Six Liars “WIXIW” albums up for grabs

written by: Francis Bea on July 10, 2012

The Brooklyn-based Liars are at it again with the release of their sixth album, “WIXIW” (no those letters are not roman numerals; rather it’s pronounced “wish you”). You’ve listened to their single “No. 1 Against the Rush” and if you’re reading this, you’re probably a long-time fan of the trio. With their placid synth-pop and […]

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While music discovery is fragmented, radio in its many forms is here to stay

written by: Francis Bea on July 9, 2012

The equivalent of radio for the Internet generation is none other than Web music services, Spotify, Last.fm, Pandora and Slacker Radio. Over the last several years, innovation, particularly in the music industry, has offered a particularly effective and convenient technological solution for the consumption of music. Consequently our our music discovery habits have become less […]

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This Is Reidiculous Cover

The rise of the D.I.Y movement

written by: Francis Bea on July 3, 2012

For all those struggling musicians out there, tap what you know, the Internet, for success. By Alexandra Stewart, Community Team Coordinator, Indaba Music. A musician’s career is a long and arduous journey and capitalizing on those few open doors will make or break their career. As the adage goes, “Don’t close any doors until you see […]

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Fader Captain Morgan Step into Black

Fader x Captain Morgan “Step Into Black” live performance with Jhene Aiko plus vinyl giveaway

written by: Francis Bea on June 22, 2012

  http://youtu.be/fsrKKRc_1S8 Jhene Aiko, for The FADER and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum concert series, “Step into Black,” stopped by Chicago from her native L.A. to put on a live performance of “Stranger” for a packed crowd. In her interview with FADER, Jhene talks about touring with B2K, and the release of her album, “Soul(ed) Out,” […]

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Pop ‘stache the latest included in The Hype Machine’s selection of esteemed blogs

written by: Francis Bea on June 18, 2012

That’s right. Pop ‘stache can now be found on The Hype Machine. Pop ‘stache has been the latest to be included in the esteemed meticulously hand-picked selection of music blogs. For those of you unfamiliar with HypeM, the Web app aggregates music curated by select music bloggers. In its own words, The Hype Machine “keeps […]

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pop 'stache is on pulse

Pop ‘stache now featured on mobile news reader, Pulse

written by: Francis Bea on May 23, 2012

We’re always looking to make Pop ‘stache accessible to our readers across platforms and services. Today we’re proud to announce that Pop ‘stache will be among the esteemed publications available on Pulse. Pulse is an easy to use mobile news reader boasting over 11 million downloads, the equivalent of two downloads per second. These figures […]

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