Nine Post-Punk Openers From ‘79

written by: Evan Brown on December 4, 2012

‘79 saw the release of some definitive post-punk albums. It seemed fitting to select nine tracks that both typify the genre and set the stage for the wonderful albums that followed.

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Emeralds – Just to Feel Anything

written by: Evan Brown on November 10, 2012

After two years of creative silence from Emeralds, one would have assumed a release that was more innovative and adventurous (if not downright bombastic)

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Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes

written by: Evan Brown on October 12, 2012

Flying Lotus, alias of Los Angeles producer Steven Ellison, has come a long way from creating beats for Adult Swim. His 2006 debut 1983 had listeners (read “stoners”) saying, “This sounds really cool, man, but I think if I had like a synth and Garage Band or some shit …”  Those same listeners shut their mouths and turned their […]

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Plants and Animals on The End of That

written by: Evan Brown on September 26, 2012

“I think it took a lot of guts to do this record. If there’s anything that I’m proud of it’s that we took a risk and wrote an album that was transparent.”

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Grizzly Bear – Shields

written by: Evan Brown on September 19, 2012

At first the new album might seem like an average rock record, but a few listens through and one will notice innumerable production intricacies.

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Rob Reid – “Year Zero”

written by: Evan Brown on September 19, 2012

With some practice and bowing out of the sci-fi realm, Rob Reid might just find himself some success.

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