The Grisly Hand – Country Singles

written by: Alex Peak on April 24, 2013

One day, Kansas City will not only be well-known for its barbecue, its irrational number of fountains, its seemingly infinite number of cows, or as Paris of the Plains, but also as the hometown of The Grisly Hand. With a strong Midwest following, The Grisly Hand has a polished sound that is a quirky blend […]

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Keep Calm and Burn Some Calories

written by: Alex Peak on January 2, 2013

Just as a successful workout routine should constantly be changed up and evolved, so too should a good gym mix. The sooner a playlist gets old and redundant, the more boring the workout will feel.

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Born Gold – Little Sleepwalker

written by: Alex Peak on November 26, 2012

Like the great Oz behind the curtain, Born Gold mastermind Cecil Frena has churned out a sophomore follow-up to Bodysongs.

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Maus Haus – Light Noise

written by: Alex Peak on November 7, 2012

Maus Haus is proving that less is more, as they just shaved off nearly half of their band members in Light Noise. The multi-instrument-playing now foursome (they used to be seven) hails from San Francisco and just recently signed with Lavish Habits, a recently formed electronic-infused indie label based in SF. Self-proclaimed for sounding “like […]

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Lord Huron – Lonesome Dreams

written by: Alex Peak on October 25, 2012

Listeners can descend into the sepia-draped Lonesome Dreams, where nostalgic visions of cowboys, sunsets and the Old West are abound.

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We Want More Music Videos?

written by: Alex Peak on October 18, 2012

For the 14 of us who are still watching music videos, those dorky dance arrangements keep things funny.

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The Mountain Goats – Transcendental Youth

written by: Alex Peak on October 3, 2012

Whether the subject is religious antagonism or people who live like outlaws, suffer from schizophrenia or recluse into their own human psyche, Darnielle and his crew have their number.

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Hibernation, Here We Come!

written by: Alex Peak on September 27, 2012

Let’s pack on a few pre-winter pounds and use these songs to lull us to sleep through the cold season.

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