Telekinesis - 12 Desperate Straight Lines album cover
Deerhoof LP Deerhoof vs Evil album Cover

Deerhoof – Deerhoof vs. Evil

written by: Abby Johnston on February 1, 2011

Deerhoof manages to spit in the face of convention but leave the pretentious nature that comes along with that kind of defiance behind.

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Tennis - Cape Dory album cover

Tennis – Cape Dory

written by: Abby Johnston on January 24, 2011

Just as the outpour of nostalgic beach jams began to slow, the surfing arsenal made room for another addition.

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Duffy - Endlessly album artwork large

Duffy – Endlessly

written by: Abby Johnston on November 26, 2010

It seems that vocalists playing into retro style in some form or another will inevitably be assigned a musical ancestor. Zooey Deschanel’s cutesy, high-pitched voice draws frequent comparisons to Loretta Lynn. The coquettish Amy Winehouse’s songs quote the styling of her idol Billie Holiday. And hot on the heels of Winehouse’s throwback soul revival comes […]

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New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys NKOTBSB Tour


written by: Abby Johnston on November 15, 2010

It may be an acronym to pay attention to, as it will be sweeping our country in a vile wave of destitution.

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Twin Shadow - Forget album artwork

Twin Shadow – Forget

written by: Abby Johnston on November 15, 2010

Under the moniker Twin Shadows, George Lewis Jr. jumps back a few generations and epitomizes true nostalgia with his delicately crafted but confidently delivered debut Forget.

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Taylor Swift with guitar