These Paper Satellites – Here Goes Nothing, There Goes Everything

written by: June 21, 2013
Album-art-for-Here-Goes-Nothing-There-Goes-Everything-by-These-Paper-Satellites Release Date: June 2, 2013


Music is such a powerful form of expression that, when done right, can move and inspire audiences in a way that no other artistic medium can.

Its true potential is often overlooked, and too often is the true point of music missed by a mile. But every now and then, a band comes along and creates something truly mind-blowing that breaks the barrier of what audiences thought was possible. The pure talent makes listeners wonder how on earth the band hasn’t been discovered yet.

In the case of These Paper Satellites, a melodic math rock band from California that released its debut EP Here Goes Nothing, There Goes Everything on June 2, the only logical explanation is that it hasn’t been out long enough to gain popularity.

With a sound like the blushing newborn offspring of Casey Crescenzo and Anthony Green, These Paper Satellites has an immeasurable amount of potential and will surely appeal to a wide fanbase if given the chance.

Here Goes Nothing starts off with an epic, piano-heavy intro that immediately dives into the trippy universe explored over the course of the EP, perfectly setting the scene for what is to come. With the eerie build-up into the following track, “Ages Coming (Hey Hey)”—one of the best on the record—it’s clear that These Paper Satellites put a lot of thought into the flow of the album, which is often the least of a writer’s worries on a debut.

“Ages Coming (Hey Hey)” is a groovy jam that shows off the band’s skill and is a perfect portrayal of its math rock side. In addition to the mind-boggling time shifts and unorthodox song structure, the group shows off its pipes in this harmony-ridden beauty of a song.

Kicking off with a menacing guitar riff, the ironically titled “Soft Places” has to be Here Goes Nothing‘s most chaotic track. With overlapping vocals, multiple random buildups, and scene changes throughout, it’s a strangely beautiful mid-album gem.

The symbolic “Murders” is full of historical references and once again highlights the immense talent These Paper Satellites’ members, both as writers and musicians. They conjure a lyrically deep, yet catchy song that appeals to both the casual listener and those who look for larger meaning, with references to everything from an unethical dish enjoyed by kings (Ortolan) to a Medieval astronomer (Tycho).

The last minute and 30 seconds of “Murders” are the highlight of the album. After an epic build up, the groove slows and hits listeners with a combination of a gorgeous melody, powerful drums, and swooning guitars.

Then on to the very personal, true account that is “High West.” This song documents the vivid, haunting nightmares that plagued lead singer Chris Knight after reading the Walking Dead graphic novels. High West Silver Whiskey became Knight’s vice as he used it to overcome his sleeping problem. “High West” shows off Knight’s skills as a lyricist, as well as his brutal songwriting honesty with lines like, “I come to, again, from one of those dreams you can’t leave/No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you try,” referring to the vividness of his nightmares.

You couldn’t ask for a more solid debut than Here Goes Nothing, There Goes Everything.

From start to finish, it is a masterpiece showcasing the epitome of beautiful music through the band’s ability to set a gorgeous atmosphere and carry it out until the very end.

Keep an eye out for These Paper Satellites—the group has proven itself worthy of attention. Here Goes Nothing, There Goes Everything is posted as “name your price” on Bandcamp, but no price is too high for this phenomenal debut.

These Paper Satellites – Here Goes Nothing, There Goes Everything tracklist:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Ages Coming (Hey Hey)”
  3. “Soft Places”
  4. “Murders”
  5. “High West”