The Weeknd – Thursday

written by: August 30, 2011
Release Date: August 18, 2011


Something about the way The Weeknd’s lyrics spill onto the tracks creates a certain mood that can only been ambianced by a few talented men. It’s smooth and comfortable but it keeps listeners on their toes. It’s slow but it carries a steady, solid beat. The Weeknd might be one of those people that can obtain this difficult combination.

Quickly after playing through his latest release, Thursday, it’s quickly inferred that this dude could be Drake’s cousin. The Weeknd has the same edgy slow hip-hop style and swagger that R&B listeners connect with. It’s sexy and seductive. The moves can put anyone into a trance. It’s an aphrodisiac.

The Weeknd’s sound is much like Robin Thicke’s and Drake’s, sometimes Usher’s. Women fawn over the feeling it gets them in, and men give props to the man who can get them there.

That is, unless one takes into account the title track. “Thursday” is an unfortunate way of representing the entire album as a whole. As The Weeknd explains what he wants to happen on this particular day: “Not on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday but on Thursday, make sure you are thirsty.” This is repeated enough times to become bothersome, showcasing quickly how simple and undeveloped the track is. It’s easily forgiven, however, as we are reminded that it is all part of the broader story Thursday tells as a whole.

The idea we hear about is that each day has its own energy, and although the days all blend together sometimes, there’s potential for greatness every day of the week and every day of your life. Apparently this especially true on Thursdays and every other common party day, too. However peculiar and untraditional, this guy has a point.

Nevertheless, even at the right moment, just when you think the most entrancing song couldn’t gather any more glam power, Drake himself steps into “The Zone” to fill the scenery and complete the effect. His cool and charming spoken vocals deepen the motivation of the song. This whole tune revolves around the words “I’ll be making love to her through you,” which can be taken any way you please. Either way, there’s no denying the fascinating circumstance wherein.

The Weeknd was lucky enough to have been discovered by Drake and added to his OVO label. The two sound good together, and the pairing was smart. Together they created R&B gold. Though experimental and oftentimes out-of-the-ordinary, it’s fully entertaining to the ears and soothing to the mind.

The exciting element of the production is that Thursday doesn’t fall behind lyrically or emotionally. Song after song tells a story and paints a picture. There’s an obvious dark veil over many of the settings on the album. Very often does this get labeled as a heavy drag on the ears and the mind, but in this case, the tunes are relatable and catchy enough to be seen as something progressive.

Not only that, but when R&B songs carry these same types of beats, they tend to take the superficial route and wallow about sex and partying. Even though this set of tunes graces over a few the same topics, it’s done in a classy way. The sex he talks of is sensual and meaningful, and the partying with the people he loves.

Bringing some substantial songwork out of typically irreverent activity: The feat so many have tried but failed to do. Somehow The Weeknd pulls it off, and he does it with class.

The Weeknd – Thursday Tracklist:

  1. “Lonely Star”
  2. “Life Of The Party”
  3. “Thursday”
  4. “The Zone (feat. Drake)”
  5. “The Birds Part 1”
  6. “The Birds Part 2”
  7. “Rolling Stone”
  8. “Gone”
  9. “Heaven Or Las Vegas”