The Grisly Hand – Country Singles

written by: April 24, 2013
Album-Art-for-Country-Singles-by-The-Grisly-Hand Release Date: April 26, 2013


One day, Kansas City will not only be well-known for its barbecue, its irrational number of fountains, its seemingly infinite number of cows, or as Paris of the Plains, but also as the hometown of The Grisly Hand.

With a strong Midwest following, The Grisly Hand has a polished sound that is a quirky blend of folk and country. It doesn’t take much for these guys to win over a crowd; the combination of lead singer Lauren Krum’s sweet crooning and stage presence, the relatable stories told through the lyrics, and that contagious beat scores a bullseye time after time.

On April 26, The Grisly Hand presents its first full-length CD, Country Singles, a conglomeration of blue grass, country, folk, Americana, and maybe even a splash of two-stepping. That lovable, toe-tapping, blast-through-your-car-speakers-on-a-warm-day Grisly grit is back with even more twang, soul, and steel guitar than before.

Fans who have patiently awaited new material from The Grisly Hand (it’s been more than a year since the band released any tracks), will be nothing short of tickled with Country Singles. The group released the first single, “If You Say So,” a few weeks ago to whet the appetite of its loyal listeners. The song has a familiar percussion-heavy sound that will bring fans right back to where Grisly Hand left off with Safe House and Western Ave.

What makes Country Singles so powerful and dynamic is the balance of slow ballads and songs with quick tempos and lots of energy.

Tracks like “Municipal Farm Blues” and “Rude Gambler” will get listeners on their feet, whereas the more somber songs such as “Amusia” and “Coup de Coeur” highlight the versatility and maturity of the band’s skill set.

An album favorite is the quick-witted “(If You’re Leavin’) Take The Trash Out (When You Go),” with a playful cat-and-mouse-like game between Krum and guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Fitzner. When Krum sings “If you’re leaving take the trash out when you go…” and Fitzner returns with, “I left last night, and I took the trash out when I went.”

These genre-defying country singles will appeal to more than just cowboys and truckers. Anyone with an appreciation for Americana or even a predisposition to break out into a dance can latch onto the wildfire these Grislys are about to spread.

The Grisly Hand – Country Singles Tracklisting:

  1. “Coal & Black”
  2. “Phineas Gage”
  3. “If You Say So”
  4. “Municipal Farm Blues”
  5. “Amusia”
  6. “Blind Horse”
  7. “That’s Not Affection”
  8. “(If You’re Leavin’) Take The Trash Out (When You Go)”
  9. “Coup de Coeur”
  10. “Rude Gambler”
  11. “Any Other Way”
  12. “Country Singles”