Tall Walker – Tall Walker EP

written by: January 1, 2014
Cover-art-for-Tall-Walker-EP-by-Tall-Walker Release Date: December 13, 2013


Donning the confident, edgy guise of a band with a large following, Tall Walker released its impressive debut EP under the same name earlier this month, featuring powerful tracks and excellent songwriting.

The Chicago-based trio strips down and unleashes a dynamic tracklist, starting its career off with a commanding rock album with heaps of energy that will cater to fans of Kings of Leon or The Strokes.

It’s hard to believe this is Tall Walker’s debut release, considering how impressive every song is. Each track hits harder than the last, and the EP leaves a lasting impression.

Along with the consistency of the song quality, these guys have a killer sound. Lead singer and guitarist Nick Bays has an undeniable groove to his voice and guitar work, while bassist Chris Hershman and drummer Ben Johnson hit just as hard in the background. The group meshes wonderfully to create one hell of an inauguration.

The EP starts off with the engaging “Deadbeat,” shifting seamlessly between mellow verses and the powerful choruses and bridge. Tall Walker shows off its songwriting skill, drawing from two opposite ends of the spectrum to make a great, catchy song. The foot-tapping, head-bobbing beat and gorgeous guitar draw listeners in as Bays serenades them for the first time of many. Although every song is unique, “Deadbeat” is a perfect indicator of the remarkable songs to come.

Continuing with the same chill vibe, “Clouds” is another foot-tapping hit with catchy melodies and subtle, but stellar musicianship.

Bays’s voice sounds as velvety as ever, especially during the built-up climax at the end where he repeats, “You lost it into the clouds/You lost it but now you’re found.” As the slowest song on the record, “Clouds” still manages to hold the same vigor as the others, exhibiting the group’s naturally raw and powerful sound.

Tall Walker kicks it up a notch on the last two songs, both of which could beat out the previous tracks for the best on the release. Jumping right into the exuberant “Love Is Alive,” the group comes out with an increasingly intense attitude and commanding instrumentals. Once again, this track proves to be unique and fresh when placed among the others, most evidently in the off-time bridge.

Ending on the epic, bluesy “Stay,” Tall Walker’s debut concludes with the same domineering force that drives the rest of the EP. It encompasses the feeling conveyed throughout, fully expressing the raw, soulful undertones that propel each song. “Stay” is mainly instrumental, or has Bays singing passionately alone with his guitar,

Aside from the music itself, the production quality of this album is astounding. It helps show off the band’s expertise and allows the listener to get the full effect of the music, particularly the loud, authoritative instrumentals and Bays’s impeccable voice.  Credit is definitely due to Stephen Shirk of Shirk Studios, who mixed the record.

Aside from a disappointingly quick ending, Tall Walker’s debut effort is nearly flawless. With only four songs from these prodigies, it’s hard not to long for more. As soon as the EP ends, it’s nearly impossible to keep from playing it again.

Tall Walker – Tall Walker EP tracklist:

  1. “Deadbeat”
  2. “Clouds”
  3. “Love Is Alive”
  4. “Stay”