Secret Colours – Positive Distractions Part II

written by: April 26, 2014
Album-Art-For-Positive-Distractions-Part-Two-By-Secret-Colours Release Date: April 29, 2014


Listening to Secret Colours’ Positive Distractions Part II feels like revisiting the ’60s—but not in a good way. It’s a continuation of Part I, released in February, containing six nostalgic, pop-psychedelic anthems.

The four-piece group based in Chicago has fun emulating that era of music; lead singer Tommy Evans and his band do an exemplary job of recreating the magic of the ’60s, but they’re not doing anything groundbreaking or original.

Sure, they’re walking down memory lane and playing music that listeners heard growing up. Evans’ Beatles-influenced vocals and the group’s retro, hippie sounds are authentic, but it’s too much imitation and not enough innovation.

The first song, “Into You,” has a nice, groovy bass line, a psychedelic-retro feel, and a subtle funk flavor mixed in. Despite that, the song collapses thanks to Evans’ juvenile lyrics.

He tries hard to seduce the ladies, singing, “You are into me/I am into you/Been into me/Been into you/And I like you.” Instead, he sounds like an awkward, acne-riddled ninth grader participating in a talent show at his high school and trying to get cool with the female crowd. On a positive note, Evans is straightforward and doesn’t pull any punches.

“I Know What You Want” is another straightforward pop ballad about falling in love. The track evokes imagery of the band performing in front of a small audience on a black and white television—or of The Beatles in crisp, pin-striped suites playing on the Ed Sullivan Show. That’s about it. While Secret Colours does a commendable job imitating that powerful vibe, “I Know What You Want” is a shameless rip-off of all the classic pop ballads from the ’60s and a sad slap in the face to the Beatles.

Secret Colours’ Positive Distractions Part II  doesn’t offer anything new, unique, or even remotely groundbreaking.

They’re better off being a ’60s cover band rather than wasting their time regurgitating a 50-year-old style with no innovation of their own.

However, in fairness, Secret Colours receive a lot of love and acclaim for staying true and committed in reproducing classic psychedelic pop. They rekindle that sound with energy and respect for the past.

But with the original, genuine, and timeless music of the ’60s—the stuff Secret Colours is copying and pasting into the 21st century—readily available on the internet, an album like Positive Distractions Part II offers nothing that is truly unique or worth your hard-earned cash.

Secret Colours – Positive Distractions II tracklist:

  1. “Into You”
  2. “I Know What You Want”
  3. “Mrs. Bell”
  4. “Heavy & Steady”
  5. “Quite Like You”
  6. “Positive Distractions”