Meatbodies – Meatbodies

written by: October 2, 2014
Album-Art-for-Meatbodies-Meatbodies Release Date: October 14, 2014


Self-described as “heavygroovy” with a hint of ’60s psychedelic rock, Meatbodies is the creation of Los Angeles-bred vocalist Chad Ubovich. Meatbodies, previously Chad and the Meatbodies, began as a project for Ubovich to work on between touring with acts such as Mikal Cronin and FUZZ. Then, in 2013, after In the Red records got its hands on Ubovich’s noisy, thrashy guitar tones, Chad and the Meatbodies became Meatbodies and began working on its first LP. This self-titled debut proves there’s a certain fire backing the band’s unique sound, which mixies rock ‘n’ roll with authentic surrealism, and might hypnotize listeners to point of absentmindedly setting the album on repeat.

Meatbodies is heavy with a lack of boundaries and vibrant Jimi Hendrix influence. The album’s strong, modern garage-punk sound offers listeners a sense of how the room might feel at a Meatbodies show, with caved in walls and layers of mysterious strangers’ sweat smeared through the crowd.

The album features notable sonic contrast, using messy vocals and crunchy guitars alongside lots of bass guitar heaviness to add a certain layer of creaminess.

Though it’s nearly impossible to understand what exactly Ubovich is saying/yelling/singing, that’s typically expected of a record like this because of the culture and roots the band is trying to follow. This type of rock music expresses pain and anger, and Meatbodies does it really well. The hooks and riffs are rightfully placed, and while all the songs unite as a powerful album, they are each incredibly strong individually and could succeed as singles.

Splintering, fuzzy guitar solos are definitely Meatbodies’ “thing” and will cause listeners to experience a painfully beautiful headache.

Though Ubovich was seen as a sideman during most of his career, he proves with the upcoming Meatbodies LP that he knows where rock music has been and where it’s going. He even had help from the one and only Ty Segall, who released some of Ubovich’s self-recorded songs on tape for GOD? Records. This overwhelming amount of potential showed Ubovich’s fans, and the rest of the rock ‘n’ roll world, what Meatbodies has to offer.

Meatbodies gives listeners a darkly lit, hot, groggy basement feel with its thick and harmonious sound. Generally, with covert rock albums such as this one, there isn’t much concern with production value and mixing. Contrarily, Meatbodies has some of the clearest, crispest logging of 13 fuzzy tracks humanly possible, thanks to studio master Eric “King Riff” Bauer and Chris Woodhouse, who put the final touches on the lawless record.

Tracks such as “Disorder” and “Wahoo” are fuzz-infused and reverb heavy, while others like “Plank” and “Dark Road” slow down the tempo and give the album a good mixture of hectic and peaceful.

No matter the amount of blur or sultry in Ubovich’s voice, it’s easy to notice the emotional loneliness and passion emanating from each track.

The way Meatbodies is presenting itself to the rock ‘n’ roll world today is contemporary, but doesn’t lack a commitment to old school influences. Catch Meatbodies on tour this October and November with Hunters and Purling Hiss. This up-and-coming rock act isn’t one to miss.

Meatbodies – Meatbodies tracklist:

  1. “The Archer”
  2. “Disorder”
  3. “Mountain”
  4. “HIM”
  5. “Tremmors”
  6. “Plank”
  7. “Gold”
  8. “Wahoo”
  9. “Two”
  10. “Off”
  11. “Dark Road”
  12. “The Master”