Gold Panda – Trust

written by: February 5, 2013
Album-Art-for-Trust-by-Gold-Panda Release Date: January 22nd, 2013


British electronic jack-of-all-trades Gold Panda claims the titles of composer, performer and producer with his glittery style and blip beats. The ambient electronica star’s nomadic upbringing and diverse interests—from his London birthplace to place of study in Japan— led to a large expanse of influences.

Gold Panda has been cranking out a flurry of EP’s along with the occasional album or two, but brevity has become his unofficial forte. His synthesized acrobats create a serene backdrop that has ushered back an unassuming wave of relaxation to the EDM community.

“Trust” is a tin can kick intro with some dragging chimes accumulating the souring metallic feel of the track.  As the beats compound into an unsettling mishmash, hollow pipes ground the song and thankfully restrain any wayward hooks lurking in the white noise shadows. The song eventually finds firm footing as it slaps on a jazzy groove and adopts a smoky exterior. The development leaves the listener waiting for the tension to mount and eventually dive roll into some kind of enveloping hook, but plateaus in a forgettable haze

Trust finally seems to have found its kick in “Burnt-Out Car In A Forest,” possessing some (but still not much) urgency. The pots ‘n pans clatter of the driving beat and some dulled hand claps at least harness some attention. The track coasts through six minutes, barely taking advantage of its ample incubation time. The most satisfying mark is near the halfway point where the tempo attempts to die down into a flighty rut. The humming pipes and prickling chimes add some uncharacteristic depth, but still doesn’t reveal anything. The final minutes dwindle away in an attempt of propped pacing and false hope for the listener.

The final track “Casyam_59#02” is the most satisfying of the bunch, throwing in some pensive keys with the strobing synths. Shunning the masturbatory showmanship of many DJ’s that have dulled the cultural acidity of the EDM movement, Gold Panda sticks with his ability to harness simplicity and mold it into a stark hook; this track remains his greatest success in the entire body of work.

Trust doesn’t reveal anything new from Gold Panda and seems to be poised as a catalog item that will later employ the support of a creative crutch. It approaches some exciting uncharted waters, but never manages to take the awaited plunge. The four ailing tracks leave plenty to be desired while still racking up some forgiveness from understanding listeners. Trust is so painfully average that it underwhelms without offending and dissatisfies though still intriguing.

Gold Panda – Trust tracklist:

  1. “Trust Intro”
  2. “Trust”
  3. “Burnt-Out Car in a Forest”
  4. “Casyam_59#02”