Girls – Broken Dreams Club

written by: November 22, 2010
Girls - Broken Dreams Club EP album artwork Release Date: November 22, 2010


In a world of one-hit wonders, cookie cutter rock and all-too-poignant indie music, Girls hands the public an EP that shows  still is a softer side to rock ‘n’ roll.

Broken Dreams Club is a throwback to the good ‘ol days when crooners wore their feelings on their sleeve and didn’t worry about the hang-ups of being called emo or goth.

The band has grown since the release of its debut Album and recorded Broken Dreams Club with a passion that could go unnoticed by the untrained ear. There are plenty of nuances hidden throughout the EP that at first listen are uninteresting and lifeless. However, by opening the mind’s eye to the careful consideration of lead singer Christopher Owens’ point of view, the collection takes shape and brings out melancholy feelings.

On the EP opener “Thee Oh So Protective One,” Owens and crew drop a doo-wop song carrying plucky guitar riffs and horns in the background. Reminiscent of the ‘enchantment under the sea’ dance from Back to the Future, the horns and chimes add depth to a classic sounding, one-dimensional song about lost love.

With “Heartbreaker” the upbeat guitar and drums are reflective, with a late ‘80s sound. The album rocks back and forth with a whammy bar guitar reverberation that rolls in, mimicking the feeling of loneliness. The song’s purpose lends a toast to those looking for love with no avail.

On the first chorus, Owens sings “I just want to get high, but everyone keeps bringing me down,” a discourse on being limited by trivial problems in an unstable environment.

In the song “Substance,” Owens’ in-depth incantations suggest, “If you want to shape your brain, I know a substance that gets rid of everything and helps you rock and roll, out of control.”  It talks about throwing out all inhibitions, cutting loose and letting the substance of choice take control.

The song carries Owens as he says coolly, “Guitar solo, c’mon.” Meanwhile, the drums build and the guitar cuts through the wide breadth of background music, landing the song evenly on calm ground.

Broken Dreams Club is superbly mastered and renders a mature sound. Girls add  depth to its line-up and familiarity to the hearts and minds of the public,  by offering a glimpse into the band’s future. The result is bright for a brooding band determined to send messages of living, loving and losing.