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The Perks of Being a ’90s Kid

written by: Leah Pickett on September 10, 2012

Just as the pangs of adolescence can be brutal and tender in almost the same breath, the soundtrack to Perks is an awkwardly beautiful representation of Generation Y.

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Joaquin Phoenix in "The Master"

A Masterful Delirium

written by: Leah Pickett on August 21, 2012

Thanks to a brilliantly sinister score by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, “The Master” is Paul Thomas Anderson’s most unsettling film to date.

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Sparks Fly

written by: Leah Pickett on August 8, 2012

Boy meets dream girl—literally.

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Clueless? As If!

written by: Evan Brown on July 31, 2012

Clueless offers a soundtrack that contradicts the movie’s title.

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Tragic Self-Discovery Serenaded

written by: Kim Manning on July 16, 2012

In an epic tragedy of self-discovery, adventure and the will to live off the grid, “Alexander Supertramp” risked his life, and lost it, for happiness.

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500 days of summer

Summer Lovin’

written by: Leah Pickett on June 14, 2012

The songs of (500) Days of Summer are a mix of old and new, and despite the story’s tragic turn, more akin to a sunny glow of nostalgia than a dark cloud of angst.

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Bowie Labyrinth
Stop Making Sense