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Bandcamp Hunter: Weekly Picks (09/10/11)

written by: on September 10, 2011

The Oscillation – Veils

On their second album the UK’s The Oscillation have created a stellar piece of menacing no-wave. The songs cast a dark psychedelic atmosphere, moving from ambience to minimal rhythms to shuddering walls of industrial noise-sometimes all in the one song (the truly epic title track). Second track “Future Echo” is particularly powerful as it builds to a mind altering climax, while the restrained groove of “The Trial” is reminiscent of early Tortoise. An album of great ambition that hits the heights it aims for.

Richmond Fontaine – The High Country

The latest album from country rock stalwarts Richmond Fontaine sees the band growing their sound further, while retaining the elements that define the group. Deborah Kelly contributes lovely vocals on a few numbers and Willy Vlautin’s fresh-hangover-flavored vocal isn’t heard until the third track, the beautifully disturbing “The Chainsaw Sea”.  The atmospheric instrumental pieces that break up the album are deftly placed between Vlautin’s dense stories of good times gone bad and heart break. It gives the albums a cinematic quality, as if the band are pushing what country rock and roll can be.

Little Kingdoms – Home EP

The Home EP is a delightful collection of indie rock from Philadelphia’s Little Kingdoms. These four songs have a distinctly nostalgic feel, capturing the essence of the best of 90’s indie. The influence of Built To Spill is apparent though Little Kingdoms are more of a pop band than BTS, crafting delicate songs that also manage to be danceable. Infectious and delicious, these are killer pop songs that are difficult to stop listening to. You have been warned.