First Listen: w h o k i l l

written by: Matt Flint on April 11, 2011

w h o k i l l is a huge step forward for Merrill Garbus (AKA tUnE-yArDs), and is out the gate one of the best records I have heard so far in all of 2011. While her debut release BiRd-BrAiNs turned mine and a lot of people’s heads back in 2009, the primitiveness of the recording […]

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Fight For Your Right Revisited Trailer

written by: Matt Flint on April 7, 2011

If what you are looking for is a shit ton of fish eyed lens, smashing glass windows, doors and beer coolers and a bunch of spraying beer on squares (both with and without the jackoff motion), then this teaser for the upcoming Fight For Your Right Revisited is for you. It has Elijah Wood, Danny McBride, […]

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New J. Dilla Coming

written by: Matt Flint on April 5, 2011

The late J. Dilla’s mother, Mah Dukes, announced the release of a record of new material from the producer called The Rebirth of Detroit. Since his passing in 2006 and the release of his two posthumous records (The Shining and Jay Stay Paid), Dilla has been elevated to iconic status. This new record will be […]

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Listen to Tomboy

written by: Matt Flint on April 4, 2011

It’s Monday morning and we actually all have something to be stoked about! So while you are slamming coffee and dragging your feet, you can also space out and listen to the much ballyhooed, hotly anticipated Tomboy from all around cool bro Panda Bear. You may have already heard a series of songs from 7”s and […]

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Yuck B-Side “Doctors in My Bed”

written by: Matt Flint on March 31, 2011

Yuck bring out nostalgia that I didn’t even know I had. But suddenly I have the urge to watch Singles and probably…drink clear Pepsi? Because the ’90s are back in full swing when I listen to Yuck. The single to “Get Away,” the opening track from the radical self-titled debut, comes packaged with this b-side […]

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Radiohead: Doing Everything in 2011

written by: Matt Flint on March 28, 2011

They already gave us a killer album with The King of Limbs. Let alone the killer packaging that will be coming with the physical manifestation of that. What with books and full color photos and all the bells and whistles that will surely make the item well worth the $50 prepay everyone has already jumped […]

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GAMES Are Now Ford & Lopatin, Are Still Awesome

written by: Matt Flint on March 24, 2011

GAMES put out an EP last year called That We Play that was awesome. They are now going by their names (Daniel Lopatin + Joel Ford = Ford & Lopatin), and have a new record coming out June 7 called Channel Pressure. It will be released on their own Software label, a subset of Mexican […]

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Narduwar the Human Serviette

Narduwar Interviewed Odd Future

written by: Matt Flint on March 23, 2011

In Austin, Odd Future (OFWGKTA) were apparently killing it at SXSW last week. They Played shows, went crazy and appeared everywhere on the internet. I am just like everyone else and I can’t turn away from what Odd Future is doing. Check out our Top 10 list of OFWKTA Songs in case you missed it. […]

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New Fleet Foxes “Battery Kinzie”

written by: Matt Flint on March 22, 2011

So far the new Fleet Foxes record is sounding like it can’t lose. We heard “Helplessness Blues,” the title track from the upcoming release, and know the band has dropped this new track “Battery Kinzie.” The track comes to us courtesy of BBC DJ Zane Lowe, who played the song on air, then Robin Pecknold of Fleet […]

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Watch this No Age Fashion Film

written by: Matt Flint on March 21, 2011

Filmmaker Greg Luna directed this short film for Opening Ceremony clothing line. It’s like, have you ever been all set to go out and realized you weren’t wearing shoes? Did you then have to run around Palm Springs sporting swank threads only to find a pair of rad shoes in the middle of the desert? That’s […]

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Radiohead + MF Doom Collab Coming?

written by: Matt Flint on March 17, 2011

Hey, everybody! Fire up the rumor mill! MF Doom said something! In a recent interview with 3D Magazine, MF Doom said this about an upcoming collaboration between himself and Thom Yorke. “I am doing some stuff with Thom Yorke. We’re working on some duets, some duet songs and shit. Just like preliminary shit but we’ll […]

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R.I.P. Nate Dogg

written by: Matt Flint on March 16, 2011

Last night leading into this morning, it was reported that Nate Dogg (AKA Nathaniel D. Hale) died yesterday at the age of 41. Nate was the deep, smooth voice carrying the hooks of so many G Funk era hip hop jams. He also released several solo records, like 2001’s Music and Me. If it weren’t […]

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